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Overview of Arvind Greatlands

The Arvind Smartspaces After having a good run in Bangalore's residential apartment market, one of the largest planned developments is now being developed there. In order to promote an active, social, and connected lifestyle within the residential and commercial projects, the massive development taking place in North Bangalore—which will soon become a city within a city—includes a wide range of top-notch amenities. The residential tract development known as Arvind Greatlands would be unique in its type.

Greatlands by Arvind is a collection of opulent villa plots and houses where you may live a luxurious lifestyle.

Greatlands provides everything needed to provide the entire family with weekends that are genuinely exciting and unforgettable.

Arvind SmartSpaces' Greatlands gone development, which was done with great forethought and care to detail, gives you the chance to purchase a piece of gold with high returns that will increase in value over time thanks to its advantageous position.

The following are some of the listed amenities for enjoyment and joy:


A tennis court, a gym, a kids' gaming area, a spa and sauna, a restaurant, and many other amenities are available.

Plot sizes ranging from 1200 square feet to 1500 square feet to 2000 square feet to 2400 square feet and more are available in the neighbourhood, with launch prices that are more attractive than ever.

About Devanahalli

There has been significant discussion about Bangalore being the "Silicon Valley of India." This city, which was once renowned for its mild climate and scenic surroundings, is now the largest centre for the Indian IT industry, along with significant governmental organisations and entrepreneurs of all stripes. The city's population nearly doubled in the ten years from 2001 to 2011 and has since continued to rise as a result of the numerous economic opportunities that lured many individuals there. But it now seems as though Bangalore is becoming a victim of its own success. With this sharp increase in population and resulting increase in the number of vehicles on the road, the infrastructure, notably transportation, has not been able to keep up.

Bangalore residents have recently had to contend with extreme traffic jams, making the commute to and from work difficult. An astounding 60 crore man hours are thought to be lost annually by Bangaloreans only in commuting. In addition to the time lost and fuel squandered in traffic congestion, people's productivity is severely reduced. The issue is more serious than it first looks when vehicular pollution exposure and higher susceptibility to diseases are included.

Numerous strategies, such as ring roads, metro service, higher vehicle charges, etc., have been proposed to reduce congestion in the city, but their effectiveness has been limited. The Karnataka State Government recently proposed a proposal to build a brand-new metropolis next to the Kolar Gold Fields (KGF), 100 kilometres from Bangalore, where they intend to relocate almost a fifth of the city's population. However, a number of satellite towns have also been developing much closer to Bangalore, which might help to relieve the congestion in the main metropolis. We'll look at why Devanahalli, which is one of these towns, is a good alternative, located on Bangalore's northern side.

Better city connectivity and significantly less traffic congestion are both offered by Devanahalli. You don't have to worry about matching your workplace hours with the traffic as a resident of this town. As a result, you'll be more productive at work and have more free time at home to spend with your loved ones. In today's demanding times, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential, and a decent work-life balance is the first step.

A 6-lane motorway connects Devanahalli to the important business sector of Hebbal in North Bangalore, which can be reached in less than 30 minutes. Without much traffic, even Whitefield, which is at the opposite end of the city, may be reached in an hour. This is in contrast to travelling for around two hours from other areas of Bangalore or the proposed metropolis next to KGF! Additionally, Devanahalli has train service to Yeshwantpur and Bangalore City, two important centres.

Air connectivity distinguishes Devanahalli, both physically and symbolically, from other satellite towns. The third busiest airport in the nation, Kempegowda International Airport, is located in Devanahalli. Living only a short drive near the airport is a big plus for people who want to fly a lot. The second phase of the metro will include the Namma Metro airport link, which is expected to be a game-changer by connecting Devanahalli to MG Road, the city's main thoroughfare for shopping and entertainment.

Both the government and commercial actors have given Devanahalli a lot of attention, and significant expenditures are being made with a military mindset. While a sizable IT park known as the BIAL IT Investment Region (ITIR) is in the works, an aerospace SEZ and a hardware park are currently operational. The BIAL aerotropolis, which may be thought of as a brand-new city with the airport at its heart and a plethora of lodging and leisure alternatives including hotels, restaurants, business parks, etc., is also on the anvil.

Devanahalli will become a significant employment hub as a result of all these changes, positioning the town as a potential alternative to the rapidly expanding city. Because individuals like to live close to their place of employment, one might soon anticipate increased demand in houses in this municipality. In contrast, any such development for a new city, like the one being explored at KGF, is likely to require much more time and money, and it is uncertain if such an effort would be effective in luring major corporations.

When picking a location to live, you would consider not only the apartment and project but also the neighbourhood to check whether there are schools for your children, medical facilities for unexpected medical needs, malls and marketplaces for your shopping requirements, etc. Ideal locations for these amenities would be those that are nearby and operating effectively. An place like Devanahalli has an advantage in this regard.

Reputable educational institutions like Gnana Deep Academy Residential School, Oxford English School, and Akash International School, as well as medical facilities like Leena Multispecialty Hospital and Akash Hospital, are already present in Devanahalli. There is a D-Mart there, and many more shopping centres are being built. Additionally present nearby is the Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence, which offers training facilities for a range of sports. Compare this to other potential locations like KGF, where any social infrastructure would require starting from scratch and would take time to establish.

Devanahalli offers a variety of residents a number of housing alternatives. Given the gated communities and townships that are developing here, one is spoiled for choice when seeking for a luxury villa, a premium duplex flat, or an inexpensive 1/2/3 BHK property. These complexes offer comfort and convenience for everyone, including businesspeople, professionals, and techies. The majority of new construction projects include amenities like clubs, schools, sports fields, clinics, restaurants, retail areas, and commercial zones in an effort to eliminate the need for inhabitants to leave the complex to meet their needs. Due to this characteristic, Devanahalli stands out among the sea of potential locations for a dream residence.

Devanahalli, which is close by and offers both a peaceful environment and a variety of homes that fulfil all their needs, is a good option for Bangaloreans looking for a better work-life balance and an escape from their daily commute due to traffic congestion.

The first Smart Township in Bangalore is located at Arvind Greatlands in Devanahalli. It is a unique integrated enclave that spans more than 100 acres and was built and master-planned to offer a calm and comfortable existence away from the commotion of the rapidly expanding city. Therefore, Arvind Greatlands provides you the best of both worlds, whether you wish to live here or are just looking for an investment.


The pride in their work is a defining characteristic of true artisans. They are motivated to go above standards of what is considered acceptable and test the very boundaries of excellence by their love for what they do. The joy it brings to the customer is the craft's greatest reward. At Arvind SmartSpaces, we take great satisfaction in the calibre of our work and the joy it provides to your life. Because of this, we think that providing our consumers with the highest quality possible should come first. You will observe this in the accuracy of our procedures, the ease of our transactions, the sincerity of our commitments, and the thoughtfulness of all we construct.

Building Pride by Arvind SmartSpaces. Developing Joy.

We were founded in 2009, and in a short period of time, we have established a place for ourselves in the real estate sector. By developing real estate solutions, we hope to improve people's lives. This is apparent in the accuracy of our procedures, the ease of our business dealings, and the careful planning that goes into everything we construct. Because it brings us such delight, we are artisans who take tremendous satisfaction in the creative process.

Seven of Arvind SmartSpaces Ltd's projects have already been completed within the company's first eight years of business, making it a significant player in the Indian real estate industry. Within a short time, we were able to forge a significant presence in the important real estate sectors of residential, commercial, and retail development. Our ambitious goals call for us to further grow our presence in key Indian cities after having previously done so in the states of Gujarat and Karnataka.


quick facts
Project Type Plots
Project Stage Pre-launch
Location Devanahalli, Bangalore
Rate Per Sq Ft On per request
Unit Type 1200 sft, 1500 sft, 2000 sft, 2400 sft
Total Area 100+ Acres
Total Floors NA
Total Units Phase-1 400 Plots
Total Towers NA
Budget NA
Approvals BIAAPA
Possession 1.5 Years

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